Merry Christmas from the KC KaiserKlan

December 16, 2007


We sure hope every one is having a great holiday season!


To update you on the news in our now smaller household, Nate moved to Wisconsin last month and took a job with Best Buy in Eden Prairie, MN. So we are now empty nesters for the first time. He calls often, but we still miss him. He recently applied for a Senior Position and has an interview next week and then starts school again in January.


We are very proud of Bridget, as she will receive her Bachelors Degree from The Kansas City Art Institute this month. Her actual graduation ceremony will be some time in the Spring, weÕll keep you posted. She wants to take a bit of time off before starting a new job...she has been in school for 6 1/2 years, poor girl. We recently visited her and her boyfriend Hoss in their apartment and noted that she has a green thumb in addition to all her other artistic talents. IÕm so jealous!


Brendan is still enjoying his job at Circuit City. It is interesting seeing the 2 guys in their competitors shirts, Bren with his red Circuit City shirt and Nate in his blue Best Buy shirt. Brendan is still playing poker too and he is still a winnerÉmost of the time.


We are proud of ShannonÕs decision to move out on her own again. She and Edmund and Megan live in an apartment that isnÕt too far from us, so we can easily visit them.


We stay busy with everything from travel to ham radio to geocaching to scouts to working community events and just enjoying each otherÕs company. We do so many things together and then we have some things we like to do on our own too.


Keith is still involved in Scouts and I have become involved in the International Institute of Business Analysts. We are starting a new chapter of the organization and I have been VERY involved with creating marketing materials, participating in meetings and coordinating the planning for the launch that is scheduled for January. And of course we both are officers in Near Space Ventures where we had a great year launching, tracking and recovering high altitude balloons. It was so much fun when Karen and Kryston came along on a mission, I think they are still in awe about the whole experience.


We both started new jobs this year, Keith with SAS Institute and me with BCD Travel. Boy, it is always hard starting all over again. Keith travels about 15-20% of the time, and I (Ōget toĶ) go to Atlanta once in a while for meetings with my boss.


We went to Rome for our anniversary this year and had an awesome time. Rome is a very busy place and there is a lot of sightseeing to do in a relatively small area, so we were really on the go the whole time.


Hope all of you are doing well, and we wish you well during this Holiday Season and all year long!


Deb & Keith Kaiser