Here we are, to wish you a Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year.

PLEASE NOTE! WE HAVE MOVED, yup again! For those of you that do not know, our new address is very simple: P.O. Box 456, Deerwood, and Mn 56444. Our physical address 23451 Serpent Rd, Deerwood, PLEASE SEND MAIL TO THE P.O. BOX ADDRESS:!!!!! Phone number: 2l8-534=3787. E-mail address: jckaiser@emily.net.

We are in an association called Summer Place. This was a resort at one time, the owners sold off all the cabins and the three "year round" homes". We live just off Serpent Lake, we just love this place, lots of space for visitors, even have a guest bedroom over the garage. We are in the City of Deerwood. We wanted to come back to this area where people talk to people. While in Lindstrom we made no real friends, no one bothered to even say hello. The Twinhome we bought had so many problems, we almost lost our minds trying to get things fixed. The House still had many problems when we left. New owners knew about all the problems but did not care, they figured they would get them fixed, "(Good Luck").

We are both in good health, Marv had a bit of a problem right after we moved here in July but he got the best of care from the local hospital and when they could do no more they transferred him down to Abbott Northwest. They found that he was bleeding in the small intestine. A zap with a "zapper" to seal the leak and he was fine. I make it sound like it wasn’t much of a problem but ten days in the hospital will give you an idea that he was in rough shape. He is fine now, (if only his hearing was better). Me, I am fine, I know for sure just got the report on my blood, etc and all was "normal", some may question the "normal" part.

Anita’s daughter Krys, & Kraig & Kelly’s son Tyler, are in kindergarten, that is a good thing, Alicia’s daughter is in first grade, that is a good thing, Lauren, Anita’s other daughter, well the only thing she is in, is TROUBLE, what a kid! Kelly & Kraig’s two year old Trever, is a close match, they, together, equal "one big busy, hectic mayhem", ‘cept they are so cute.

Alicia, will be a LPN after she takes her "boards" in the spring, then next spring a RN. Anita is a little behind cause she took some time off, but soon she will be in the medical field too, and that is a real good thing. I am trying to think of a bad thing to mention, Oh, got one, Keith will not be home for Christmas, but he promises to come up after Christmas with his family that turns a bad thing into a good thing, don’t you think? I know a real good thing, Bridget (Keith’s youngest) is studying art in a college in Washington D.C. on a scholarship, she loves it. Will be home for Christmas and will come to see us, what a good thing! Brendan & Shannon will be here too, We are so excited!

Well, no one had a baby, no one got married, and not one unfortunate accident, oops wait, Anita hit a deer on the highway TWICE (not the same deer, silly). That was not a good thing, but, there is a good thing, her car was not fixed yet from the first deer!

Kurt & Sue are moving, they are having a home built, some where south of the Cities. It is going to be a beautiful home. He is now retired from the Bloomington Fire Dept. two very good things.

Karen & Keith still in the computer business, and with that statement I will say THANK GOODNESS! A very good thing! Kraig is still in the very hectic cable business, Kurt is still driving a semi, Marv & I well, we are still retired, and that sounds real good.

Well, I told you all I can remember, at 75 that’s not much so if you think I forgot something, you call ME and tell me and I will add it next year.

Well, I did, forget something, I forgot to send out thank you notes to all those that helped us move and then to all those that came up to help unpack, those that came to help paint the house and to those that helped build the new steps. We appreciated all that help; we will let you know when we start another project next spring (just kidding)!


Love to you all,

"The Keeper of the Kaiser Klan"