Year 2000


I'm a little leery. Should I, or shouldn't I write this letter? The "Grape Vine" tells me that some people don't like these "BRAGGIE" "STATISTICAL" "BORING" letters. I'll start out by not telling you about our new family member; she was born Sept. 6th to granddaughter Anita. Her name is Lauren. Oh, Oh, I mentioned a STATISTIC. Here's more, Alicia is working full time in the E.R. at Crosby Hospital, & is now an E.M.T.I. Anita is a nurse's aid there and they are both accepted in the nursing program next fall, that may be bragging, but it's also PROGRESS. Keith's daughter Shannon has a fancy new job in a brokerage firm, and Brendan just got a raise, Wow, no wonder I write BRAGGIE letters, Yipee, I just bragged, "Hey "Grape Vine" I am now free to BRAG cause, I said so.

I really should tell you how beautiful Alaska is, and about the cruise ship, and the dome train, and wild animals and glaciers, are you sure(Grape Vine), no one wants to hear we were there this summer? It was really a GREAT TRIP!. Another Cruise please. What a way to travel!

I feel a need to tell you how great the shows in Branson are at Christmas time. Favorite sister Marian, daughter Karen and I all wish we could tell you all about Shojie, the Lennon Sisters, the great FIFTIES SHOW, AND SO MUCH MORE. But, BORE, BORE, BORE.!

We got to see the presidents on the mountains in the Black Hills, and that Indian guy, "Black Horse", they are carving up there now. Just think, maybe our great, great grandchildren will get to see it finished, that is what I call a BIG PROJECT, or is it slow workers?

Our granddaughter Bridget has A PRIZE-WINNING piece of her art work hanging in Washington D.C. That is really "BRAGGIE". I'm so proud of her. It was my favorite art piece. Before we knew it was a national winner, she promised it to me. I feel so honored, she says I can still have it but I have to wait 'till Clinton gets through with it.

Karen bought a one hundred year old house, and we all got to go there and clean out a hundred years of CRUD. What a smell, what dirt, what FUN. We all had a Great time getting it livable, it is so nice now, UNBELIEVABLE!!!

That's it, now I have to get back to other Christmas preparations. OH LUCKY ME!

Most of the Kaiser Klan will be here to celebrate this joyous season. WHAT JOY!!


Love to you all,
The Kookie Kaiser Klan
(our e-mail address)