Merry Christmas & HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU ALL!

It's the KOOKIE KAISER KLAN, we are finally reporting in for the year '99, and almost the big 2000, we have an excuse, we really do, we moved!

We had a great Christmas in '98, and a great vacation south, last winter. We visited Las Vegas, 'till money ran out. There we also visited with Cousin Marilyn & family, went to Phoenix, to see brother Mel & Carol, stopped in Kansas to visit with Keith and family, saw a concert with Granddaughter Shannon on the flute, she was pretty dang good too. We came home the first of March. Found Karen and our other siblings deep into planning our 50th wedding Anniversary. Yup, April 23rd, we started this Klan. Well, there was just the two of us at first, - silly. They put on the GREATEST PARTY, thanks, to all our children for their hard work, to all for coming & to all that sent the wonderful cards. Shortly after that, we were talking about moving, you see, in the Spring, the yard work begins, docks in, boats in, garden in, flowers in. We didn't get very tired, but the kids did. Found a townhouse on a lake or Marv would not move. Signed a purchase agreement in June and the fun began! Stuff to sell, Stuff to throw, Stuff to pack. Karen took charge, without her, it would not have been done. Every weekend, she drove from the cities, packed, sold, threw, moaned, groaned, hauled, bawled, but finally it was done. WE WERE ON VACATION, and I came home sick, so NO HELP FROM ME. The house was suppose to be built by the 17th of August, it is now the 14th of Dec. It is not finished YET! We moved in on the 9th of December. We spent three months living out of boxes in a model home they furnished. Finally got some Christmas shopping done (thanks again to Karen) no cards written, no cookies baked, and not one gift wrapped, hey, Christmas, -wait for me!

The house is going to be Great ! When I find everything, and get it in place --- You all gotta come and see us! I really do need a visit from a friendly face other than Karen, Alicia and Anita. We did have the gang for Thanksgiving dinner, in the model house, that was nice.

I had to retire from my Township Clerk position, one of my only saddnessessssessss. I'll find a job in the spring. Home alone with a Husband all day, all week, all month, is just a teeny little bit too much!

We have a new grandson!!!! Born November 23rd. Name is Trever Warren Kaiser, born to Kraig & Kelly Kaiser and brother to Tyler David Kaiser, he's so cute, and Mom, Dad, & Tyler are doing fine. Come to think of it, they also moved, they now have a beautiful place on a lake near Dassell Mn, & Keith bought a duplex in Kansas City. He moved in Thanksgiving weekend. We are all excited for him; apartment living was beginning to get him down. His children are all fine. Oh, also, Alicia graduates from Central College on the twenty- third. She will be moving closer to us in the spring. Anita has moved down close to us in Brooklyn Center and will soon be head cook at a Private School, now doesn't that sound just dandy, I thought so too. Bridget got her drivers license, Shannon turned 21, & Brendan lives with Dad, Keith. Kassandra, Tyler & Kryston, all turned four, & we all can tell! Kurt, is just a good ole guy with a great wife. She has three nice kids that keep Kurt happy being a dad. He drives a Big truck, for a living, will soon retire from the Bloomington volunteer fire dept.

Well that takes care of it, here is our new address etc. 13457 Pine View LN. Lindstrom, MN 55045, call us 65l-257-3228, E-mail us at


Love you all, the KOOKIE KAISER KLAN, Marv, Joyce, Keith, Kurt, Karen, Kraig, Brendan, Alicia, Anita, Shannon, Bridget, Tyler, Trever and semi-adopted son Don.