December, l998


Once upon a time in l997 (right after November), December happened, then came Christmas, and The "Klan" settled in at Kelly & Kraig’s. We had a fantastic family Holiday, good conversation, wonderful food and oh so many presents. Let’s have a sequel! -- Someone said, December ’98? "ya, sure, you betcha, ve vill do dat, we all agreed.

The New Year came; "winter" did not. ’97 the lake froze up late in December. We have no ice on the lake yet this year. Not complaining, Not complaining! No snow, but BEAUTIFUL weather.

After Christmas, the winter seems to fade into a "BURR". Marv ice fished in his new "portable fish house" Santa brought him. First time out, he got an Education, portable fish houses need a license too.

March came, I foolishly ran for office again, and won, yuk! Means, two more years of servitude. Smarty Marv resigned in April, I got jealous. Now Marv says, "guess I’ll take the day off, I’m not going in today", makes me want cry or "kill". I am stuck till April 2000. Maybe, I can find someone to take my place sooner. But, there is not much insanity up here.

April we went to WASHINGTON D.C., a longtime dream of mine. Meant to go last year but Marv opt to have heart surgery. The trip was everything I dreamed it would be. - ‘course I didn’t see Clinton, guess he was busy with someone else.

Summertime brought the many guests; we so love to have. Our Kaiser Klan did not make it as often as we would have liked, but friends came. Pam & Chuck topped the list, what great fun we had, lets do it again, our treat!

Went to Laughlin, in Sept. to get away for a while. It was a "loos’n" time. October off to the "Norsk Fest" in Minot North Dakota. Us Scandihoooveeeins really know how to have fun. We also went on a Mystery trip. Didn’t know where we were going, and couldn’t remember where we’d been. All trips via tour bus. Marv & I love traveling that way.

September, brought, Kassandra’s third birthday, in it’s honor, she broke her leg. Jumped off a kiddie slide, landed funny cracked her leg from ankle to knee. Kept her quiet, at least two hours after the cast was applied, then off she went, learned to crawl dragging the leg behind her, was even climbing up on furniture, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING KEPT HER DOWN. There is nothing that can stop her constant chatter either. She also loves to sing, (when she is not chattering). The Cast is off now, her leg is fine.

Then there is youngest Grandson, Tyler — he just turned three. Great kid! Apple of his Dad’s eye, Grandma & Grandpa sure love him too. His Dad is going to teach him to be "A GREAT WHITE HUNTER", an even better fisherman and, -off-season, will play all sports. - (His Dad’s dream). He also often joins his dad "behind a tree."

Little Kryston, great-granddaughter, three, on December 20th. You would love her natural curly dark brown hair, deep deep brown eyes, and a smile that wraps you all up. She is the petite one, as little girls should be.

Confused? I shall decipher for you. Grandson, Tyler is our youngest son Kraig & Kelly’s boy. Kassandra is our Granddaughter Alicia’s daughter; Kryston is our Granddaughter Anita’s daughter. All, are three, WHEEEE!

Alicia, is Attending College in Brainerd, is a nurse’s assistant and an EMT, Anita, moved to South Dakota, hopes to attend College there next semester. Kraig, just changed jobs, is now a "big shot" with a Cable Co., his wife Kelly, works for another Cable Company in the office.

Daughter Karen is in the computer business, (her own company) doing well, but working too hard. A MUST,when you own the company. Thanks to her, I have this computer, and will soon be "computer smart", well not really.

Keith, (oldest son) computer programmer, a " Mac" computer "nut". Boy Scout Director, (an HONOR bestowed on him recently, after many years of service with the Scouts.) Lives in Kansas City. Keith’s three, Brendan 22, Shannon 20, & Bridget 15, are the greatest! Each of them took time this year to come up and visit their "ole" grandparents, not many young people take time to do this.

Last but not least, Kurt (second son, second child). Such a great guy. He is up here helping Dad every chance he gets, OH OH, must say, the others do it too, Whew; did I get out of that one? Well, anyway, he does, and he is so busy himself. His wife Sue, (we just love her), is the mother of three, and Kurt has taken them under his wing, and working at being a great Dad. Katie, Danny, Eric, you have Kurt in your "corner", he really loves you guys. Kurt discovered, recently, he is allergic to nuts. . Sue rushed him to the hospital in time, actually saved his life. Kurt had EMT training so recognized the symptoms. Just think, his training turned out to save his own life.

It’s Christmas Time, and I better get to the business at hand, WISHING YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, a HAPPY NEW YEAR AND ALL THE BLESSINGS YOU CAN HANDLE.

We gather at our house this year. Pray for snow, ice on the lake and nice weather so all will have a GOOD TIME. I’m not ready yet, but can hardly wait. I’m not even expecting a diamond or anything, so why? "I must LOVE CONFUSION!


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