The year is almost over and we are all fine! Isn't that great? I have only good things to report and maybe some happy thoughts, if I can think of any. I am trying desperately to think if we went on any trips this last year, you know what, I can't think of any. Oh we visited Laughlin a couple times, got good deals on a flight and room, but they got a good deal too, they took our money. I should look up last years letter to find out if I told you we were going on an East Coast trip, well if I did, I lied. We did not go on that trip. Marv thought it would be more fun to have heart surgery again. This time he only had a double by-pass but they did give him a new valve. Everything worked out fine. He is just fine. I am just fine, in fact, we are just fine, and the world is just fine, now isn't that, just fine? We have not been blessed with any new additions. Our newest additions are two years old. Such cuties, such fun, such "imps".(Figured that was a better word than the one I originally had in mind.) No one has changed jobs, if you don't remember what kind of a job each one had, that's OK, it's not important anyway. OH, Karen moved, and Don moved too, now they each have a nice little apartment. NO, they didn't abandon their house, they sold it , silly. We would like to report that the twins are both enrolled in the local community college. Each have different goals, well, they have one same goal, that is to get through college and earn lots of money. I would tell you what they are studying, but you would forget by next year, I'll just wait till they are graduates and then I'll tell you in what field they are earning "lots of money". . I am not going to go into details about the "stolen car" or the crushed van door or even about the caved in back van door (a different Van). The details are just not in the Holiday Spirit. No one was hurt, that we are greatful for. We had a great Thanksgiving at Kelly & Kraig's (if you have lost tract, Kraig is youngest son, Kelly is his wife, Tyler their son) and we are going to go there again for Christmas. CHRISTMAS! YIKES! It is almost here, Hey you all, have a merry and a happy and I'll get back to you later, time to wrap gifts now. LOVE YA!


PS Two years ago our address changed to: 6606 White Pine Dr., Deerwood,MN 56444, we did not move, 9ll said we needed an address, so we got one. Don't be surprised if you find another new address next year, the Big 9ll people are changing it.again, watch for it. My e-mail address is jckaiser@emily.net, write!

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