Did you have a year like ours? Bet you did.
Lots of things to do, not much of it got done,
A little bit of traveling and at least our share of fun.

We enjoy our expanded family and we love them all so very much. Kassandra was one in September, Tyler is a year old as of the ninth and Kris will be a year old on the twentieth. Remember, I left you all hanging last year, or I should say Anita did. Kris was born a week after I first reported her labor pains, needless to say the first ones were "fake." Last year we added two, oh so cute, girls and one very Handsome boy. Alicia had Kassandra, Anita had Kryston & Kelly had Tyler. Tyler was born more than twenty years after our first grandson, Brendan. Kraig is so proud of his little guy and he should be, Kelly did "good work". All three of the little tikes are walking. Kassandra started at nine months so she runs everywhere and faster than any of us can move, what a dickens. Krissie is just the nice refined cute little lady and Tyler is the "Macho Man." He got his first fishing rod and reel from Grandpa Kaiser last Christmas, he is all set for the "fishing opener" in May.

Speaking of moving, I was, wasn't I? Anyway, Kraig & family moved into their own home late this summer. What a great house, lots of big rooms and a nice finished family room and a large kitchen and on and on and on. We just love it. We saw it for the first time when we all gathered there for Thanksgiving dinner. 'Twas a GREAT DINNER.

Karen & Don are selling their house. They have such a nice house too and just had the third level all completed and geeeeee, oh well, changes are good too.

Keith is still apartment dwelling. He swore he would be out of there and into a house by summer, but, says he has to wait a while again, no big problem, JUST MONEY. He must be NORMAL like the rest of us. Has that been established yet? The "normal" part?

Within a week of each other, Kurt & Sue each had surgery. Kurt's shoulder needed repair, Sue, lets just say, her surgery did not bother her arms. Sue is back to work. Kurt, is not. His surgery was not a "good surgery". Fact is, it did not work, so he is not either, IT DRIVES HIM BONKERS!

Sue's boys, Danny & Eric are doing very well in sports. Danny has also taken up the guitar and girls. Alicia and Anita own a mobile home, work different shifts and babysit for each other. It is hard work but the love of the babies over-shadows any and all inconveniences. Our other grandchildren, the Kansas City ones, were here for Thanksgiving break. When in College it is a "Break" in school, it is a vacation. (Some of my new education.) Brendan & Shannon are both going to Missouri colleges. Each to a different college in different cities. The enjoy college, sometimes too much. Bridget, an eighth grader, has developed into an artist/writer, she is good. We hope she sticks with this talent.

Karen and Don's Bobbie went to sleep this fall. She was cute, she was itty bitty, she was lovable, but ¯ she was old, and sadly the "Vet" helped her find peace. Fortunately that is the saddest news I have on this agenda.

Speaking of surgeries, I was wasn't I? Marv had surgery too. No, I'm not repeating, yes, he did have a couple operations last year, but, ¯ on January 10th, he went to Hennepin General hospital in the cities and had both knees replaced. He still does not know if he would recommend this procedure. The ONLY positive thing he can say is, "If I didn't have them both done at the same time, I would never, never, never, have the other one done." It really has been rough on him, lots of pain, his legs still get stiff & sore. He hates not being able to crawl on his knees. (Favors are so hard to come by.)

We are still with the Township. We plan to end our careers next year. (Our annual saying.)

The Klan will be together at the Kelly & Kraig residence this Christmas, can hardly wait. GEEZE I shopping, wrapping & baking to do. Better send the THE KOOKIE KAISER KLAN'S ANNUAL "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A MOST WONDERFUL NEW YEAR WISH" and then say GOOD NIGHT, AND GOD BLESS!

Love from all of us, to all of you, THE KLAN

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