I'm here, I'm here, finally made it to the computer. WARNING! I'm not any better at this than I was last year. Well, what kind of year did you have? Hope you had a wonderful year! Ours? Well lets just say it was "interesting". Lets just say mine was interesting? Not quite the right word but busy, sad, happy, glad, fun, incredible, satisfying, exciting, boring, pathetic, and a few more adjectives are just too much to write, so I'll say INTERESTING. We had birthdays, I had a birthday, so did Marv I really mean BIRTH DAYS. and talking about birthdays, We really had a few of those, Alicia gave birth to a DARLING girl, KASSANDRA KRYSTON, the 22nd of September, such a cutie, we just love her, and I must say, she thinks her Great Grandpama is the greatest.funniest person since Bob Hope. Then, Then, on the 9th of December, Kelly gave birth to (I have not seen him yet but I just know) a handsome, wonderful BOY. I thought Kraig would burst with excitement when he called with the great news. They named him Tyler David.It has been almost twenty years since a Grandson was born into this family. His name is Tyler David. Nice Huh?

I have to wait to tell you about Anita's baby, we know it is going to be a girl and we know she will name her Kryston after her mother but what we don't know is when she will be born, latest report received: SHE IS IN LABOR!
Anita will decide to give birth to her, hurry up, you silly girl.
Alicia & Anita are are buying a mobile home in Brainerd, a lot of responsibility but I know they can handle it. Alicia received her high school diploma last spring and Anita hopes to pick hers up this spring. Hard work and perseverance is what they both need to keep going.

Now that I have the two exciting births out of the way, as we all know, there always comes the not so good with the good. Our darling mother passed away March 30th. She is missed by all of us. but I know she is peaceful now and what I often think of is, that now she can see. She was almost totally blind the last few years, she and Mother just loved to visit see different places,things, and read and go places and most of all, she loved her flowers. We miss you Mom, but we are also so happy that you are now at peace. at peace.

We had a wedding, Kraig & Kelly tied the knot. A great wedding! We were so worried that Kraig would "blow" it. We all just love Kelly . Her family is kookie and fun loving just like ours. We hope to visit with them often now that they bought lake property not too far from us.comes from a really nice family too that we have enjoyed visits with, mind you, not enough visits but we will try to fix that, they bought property up this way.

OK, that was good news, the not so good news was Sister Marian's cancer surgery. She came out of it just fine, no radiation or "chemo" needed. , she just has to report to her oncologist every two months too be sure nothing else is happening. They removed the lower chamber of her left lung.They removed the lower chamber of her left lung. TAKE HEED YOU SMOKERS! She hasn't smoked for more than twenty years but "second hand smoke"! Sermon over!

WOW! too serious! Hey, Marv & I had a GREAT time on our Scandinavian trip. If you can possibly get to NORWAY do so, It is soooooooooo beautiful! Our tour guide was excellent., and when he did not know details on a place or castle, another tour guide was hired to cover that subject. We would both love to go back again but, there are also many other places we would like to see and our kids Heritage Money is running out. Sure hope they weren't counting on it.

We, and the credit union, own a new DODGE GRAND CARAVAN too. Marv wanted the top of the line, so we got it,. he never did like our Dodge Dynasty, Now he is happy. Well with our car situation but Except he still has problems with his knees. Had orthoscoptic surgery on both of them and he is in more pain now than he was before surgery. . So we will check out the possibility of knee replacements. Both at the same time. One doctor says no deal, one at a time, so we will now get a second opinion about both at the same time. Will I will ever have him just where I want him. "Need a drink? Are you, you are hungry? , What! You have to go "potty" again? WHAT'S THE MAGIC WORD? he he he he he, ha ha ha welllllll OK.

Kurt and his, almost new family, have a new addition, a yellow lab. puppy, so cute, so active, so lovable. They love her so much they call her "Precious"How they love that puppy, so much they named her "Precious", you have to wonder, is that a good name for a hunting dog?not exactly what I would call a hunting dog, but then I don't have to call her.

Our "Kansas City Kid" Keith will be home for Christmas. But sadly the only one of his family. The grand kids will be spending Christmas with their Mom, they may come after Christmas. Sharon & Keith have separated. They live separately and will soon be divorced. Sad but true. BUT we will be So glad Keith is coming so happy to have KEITH here and he even promises to stay a few days, he says, " till we kick him out or till the Jan 1, whichever comes first. Well, we know which will come first, wonder if he would consider staying waiting till after Easter?

Shannon is a senior this year, graduation is next spring, then on to college, I think. Bridget is now in Middle school, 7th grade., guess that is the second year in middle school for that area, She is getting real tall and mighty pretty. getting to be a real tall girl. Brendan promises to go back to college next semester, he had an opportunity to do training for a new theater complex. It was hard work but he wanted to do that this semester. good opportunity with the Theater Company he works for to do training for a new theater and wanted to do that, is hard work and we give him a lot of credit for that.

Just got a phone call, Anita is in labor, Alicia called, said they were Christmas Shopping, wanted to know if when Marv goes to Brainerd this afternoon he would bring Kassandra home with him, silly girl, course I will, but now I'm nervous and can't seem to type anymore. What did I forget? Oh ya, we had our summer reunion party here, this summer, first time in a couple years., We celebrated brothers Bob & Rich's retirement. What great fun! Gad, we have a great family! Everyone pitched in to make it a great party and those brothers of mine are sure "nuts"!'> Brother Mel is the last one to retire in the Olson immediate family, talked to him the other day, says one and one half years left. I think Marlys (Rich's wife) is counting down the days with Mel. Maybe I think, I better retire soon, geeze I'm pushing 50, 60? surely it can't be seventy, Nope, I'll hold right where I am think I'll ".hold" right here. If I do Do that for a year or so and Marv will pass me up, he always said he would be the same age as I am but he was "sick a year".

Only one deer was shot this year. Kurt got that one opening day, just a few minutes after legal shooting time, everyone else "aced" out. Yuk! don't like venison anyhow.

OH, OH, I forgot how to do a new paragraph when I goof, Hey guys check up there after the part about not able to type anymore - put a paragraph mark in there for me.
you will, bless you, Karen is just too far away so I can't ask her HOW. Karen She is doing well in her business but works too hard. She had surgery on her eye to correct her nearsightedness (wow, long word) well anyway, she is s till having trouble with it, I worry so, she had so hoped it would eliminate be the answer to those thick glasses, could be OK yet, I hope and pray so, she wants to have the other eye done after Christmas but of course will not go ahead unless this eye clears up. We are all pulling for her, she deserves the best.

We have done so much this year, and been so busy and visited with so many and had so many good times, I do believe we are blessed, with the best FAMILY and FRIENDS in the world..
Ps. No baby yet, guess it won't happen 'till tomorrow. Golly gee.


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