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The first page of this letter was written a few days ago, but just like Scrooge, I had a vision last night, it was of all the things we did all year that are not mentioned on the first page, this second page gives you a chance to quit reading, cause I already wished you all the GOOD THINGS FOR A JOYOUS HOLIDAY AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR, so just quit reading, those of you that want to follow me thru the year; HERE GOES!

We did have a wonderful Christmas in '93 here "UP NORTH," but it was sooooo cold it was hard for anyone tonjoy the "Great out of doors";. GIFTS AND DINNER TURNED OUT to be most satisfying to say the least. The K.C.KAISERS arrived for a short stay, after Christmas. Seems they were a bit cold, but their visit was great! Later on in January Marv & I went on a short CARIBBEAN CRUISE, we sailed out of Fort Lauderdale Florida. It was so wonderfully WARM. After the cruise, we spent a couple extra days with Marv's brother Ed & Gene, it was so warm, it was soooo very nice. Just hated to leave. We drove along the Florida coast while there and had a nice visit we will long remember. Ed passed away early last fall, so our visit was that much more precious. We had to return to cold Minnesota. Ice fishing was a "bust" was even too cold to fish for ice! Early in the spring, we flew down to Kansas City to see Brendan receive the highest Boy Scout honor, the EAGLE SCOUT award. We were very proud Grandparents at this moment. Then early in June, back to Kansas City, to watch Brendan receive his High School diploma as a NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY member, I know, brag brag, brag. Latter in June, Brendan and the whold BOY SCOUT TROOP drove up here and camped in our yard, the weather cooperated and boys had a great time, fishing, swimming and some even learned to water ski.
Late in August, we celebrated brother Bob's 60th birthday with a "surprise party." Usually we get together here at the lake for these celebrations but do to circumstances we celebrated a little early (he was not 60 until Sept. 4) We had a private room in a restaurant and had a great time. BOB was the life of the party as was Tyler (Diane & Tim's little guy).
Also in August, we went to the BRIDGEMAN 100 YEAR celebration. It was held in a park in Duluth, our family won a plague for the MOST FAMILY MEMBERS that worked for Bridgemans.
Labor day weekend, we went to my fifty year class reunion. It was great fun to see so many of your classmates, the aging process did not hurt anyone of us. WE ARE SUCH A YOUNG GROUP!
Here we are, to "almost Christmas" again, I hope I can sleep tonight, knowing that the KOOKIE KAISER KLAN KRONICALS are now recorded, my friends and family are all bored and I can go on to shopping, baking and wrapping, then KAREN & DON, HERE WE COME! LET THE CELEBRATION BEGIN! Love you all that stayed with me, those of you that tried, and even those of you that quit after the first page, HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A MERRY NEW YEAR. KOOKIE KAISER signing off.


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