Most of you know that we suffered a great tragedy this year when GOD called our beloved KRYS home, March 27, 1993, she left us in her sleep and so far only HE knows why, why, WHY? In her memory I write this, she loved the KOOKIE KAISER KLAN and mostly ANITA & ALICIA. MERRY CHRISTMAS, KRYS, WE MISS YOUR.

As usual I'm late with everything, I mean everything, baking, wrapping, shopping, cards, and way short of time. Alicia & Anita said, "we'll help you bake", but when? Alicia loves to baby sit, she is at one place or another doing that, if no one needs her, she is off to the local pizza parlor helping there. Anita puts in a full "forty" at McDonalds and "sits" on her days off, get the idea, they just love babies? Then there is "Bratley", THEIR poodle, he just loves the girles but spends more time on my lap or folling me around, think it's cause I spoil him? Nawww. We also have a white mouse, never can remember his name, he belongs to Anita. He is NOT allowed on my lap, or to follow me.

MARV is busy all the time with one thing or another, sometimes I wish, I wish, he would just sit in a corner, that way he would not think of another "toy or "gadget" he could use, he firmly believes "HE WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS". He does have a little problem with that no good friend (Arthir). (Arthir) does not keep him from fishing or hunting but does slow him down for woodcutting, raking, and snow shoveling. Found out Hot Water is GOOD for (Arthir) so I let him do the dishes.

KURT GOT MARRIED THIS YEAR! Yup, in June he married Sue. We really like her and she has three dandy kids. Katie 14, Danny 12, Eric 10 (please note, their ages are guesstimates). We FINALLY got three more grandchildren.

KRAIG did NOT get married this year. He has the nicest girlfriend, Kelly. They are so compatible, KRAIG what is your problem? Kelly even won "The Best Employee of the Year" award, Kraig, a FREE honeymoon.

KEITH and family had a scare this year, they thought they would have to move to Atlantic City. Keith & Sharon work for the same company, the company decided to move their headquarters to Atlantic City. Brendan turned PURPLE, Shannon a bright RED, Bridget, well, she really didn't care, friends are everywhere. As it turned out they were allowed to stay with the small crew in Kansas City, the're so "SPECIAL". Their dog Bonnie, gave birth to four puppies (more grandchildren) a few weeks ago but unfortunately Bonnie was struck down by a car, sometimes you wonder if life is fair.

KAREN started her own business, it is relly taking off now, I am so happy for her, she has worked so hard to get it going. What kind of business you ask? Ah, Ah, wellllll, it has something to do with computers. When it comes to computers, I'm "brain dead". DON has been holding down the "fort" while Karen got her business going, he is also Marv's most faithful helper.

JOYCE is still Township Clerk. She is up for re-election in March. Maybe someone else will file for the job, on the otherhand, I don't think anyone else in the Township is that crazy.

Marv & Joyce took a bus tour to the West Coast in January, also a tour to Branson in the Spring. The scenery in both areas was out of this world. They are going to Ft Lauderdale in February for two days and a two day cruise, then we hope to visit Marv's brother and his wife in their home in Ft. Lauderdale.

We will be home for Christmas, everyone will be here Christmas Day, even Kansas City Kaisers (if we luck out). Mel & Carol will be at Mother's, can you imagine leaving Arizona to come toMinnesota? We will try to keep it above zero for you Mel. Hope to spend some time with them before they fly south again.

The Kookie Kaiser Klan

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