GREETINGS FROM SEMI-FROZEN HAMLET LAKE. I want you to promise when you
get this letter that you won't say "its worse", you won't say "its
better". You won't say "its wrong", you won't say "did she forget",
'cause what I write, is what you get. I only write to update the news,
you know, the radio just said, gotta mail this today or else "I'm dead".
Wish I'd remember as the months go by, to write down the facts, sure
beats a lie.
January is always such a blur, 'course that's a month not much will
occur. Mom flies south, I travel with her, the guys ice fish, or is it
fish ice? Whatever it is, take my advice it is too cold to fish or even
fish ice.
February is OK, we usually go away, Marv loves to travel and it "makes
my day". It's our favorite month to get out of town, we planned three
trips, one came around. LasVegas let us come, 'cept leaving there was
no fun. The flights were all full, we had to "Stand By' it was forty
eight hours before we could fly. Next trip to Chicago town, this time
OHARE was closed down. Marv said, "no way will I go home, I'm here to
travel, I want to roam". Flight schedules we studied, Kansas City our
fare., Keith got a call, on the next flight, we were there. Monday with
"deft", we flew to Chicago for what was left, of a baptism celebration
for Stavo & Linda's child, for old folks like us, wasn't that WILD?
March, no more traveling that far away, TIME TO GET READY FOR FISHING,
its only two months away. Easter came, when was it this year? I know
it was nice, the family was here. Opening FISHING we went to Harv. &
Mar's, "NO FISH in our lake, only in theirs"? Family party was in June
this summer, great party, weather a "bummer". A SPECIAL LADY we honored
this time, she is 85 and doing just fine. Our wonderful MOTHER was our
surprised guest, we love her so much, SHE's REALLY THE BEST. I
mentioned the weather, how "ichy" that day, hang on folks, it stayed
that way. Three months we had no summer at all, in Minnesota, that
takes you into fall. Deer hunting, Don 2, Kurt 1, Kraig 1, Marv none,
Scott nil. Marv "aced" again, a "bitter pill".
KEITH 40, KURT 38, KAREN 36(almost), KRYSTON 33, KRAIG 31(my baby) -
next year I won't say that - MAYBE, ARE ALL FINE. Keith & Sharon, in
Kansas City, may be changing jobs, that is a pity. Their Company
changed hands and is disrupting their plans. Kurt works for Chief's
Towing, met a nice girl, Sue, with whom he is going. Karen is in
business for herself, hung her other job up on a shelf. Computer
consulting & training is her line, she is good at it, I know she'll do
fine. Kryston is still looking for work, no significant man in her
life but that beats a "jerk". Kraig, is still in cable, has a
girlfriend named KELLY, a wonderful girl, this time, "WILL HE"?
Alicia & Anita are in drivers training. Santa's helpers found them a car,
but is it TROUBLE or CONVENIENCE we're gaining? They have a new puppy,
Baxter's his name, Bratley still lives but, about Bodega, I can't say
the same. The Kansas City Kids, Brendan, Shannon & Bridget are GREAT
as can be, but can't tell you much, they don't live here, you see.
Shannon & Bridget visited last summer, we loved having them, 'course
the weather was a "hummer". KANSAS CITY KAISERS on Christmas day, will
pack all their "duds" and come up this way. (LOVE IT!) Christmas at
Don and Karen's this year, will I be READY,-my greatest fear. A plan,


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