MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE. We have had a great year, hope yours was

Marv and I have been in good health all year, mom's been fine and
so have been all my brothers & sister, but those SISTER-IN-LAWS, I don't
know about them. Betty's fine, but the other three, Marlys broke her
wrist, a year of therapy for her, Carol broke the same wrist twice then
in September fell off a foot stool, wanted to protect her wrist - fell
on her - um - back. Serious & painful, Carol, bad choice - Mel knows
what to do with a broken wrist. Then there is Renee, she has a very bad
knee. - should have that taken care of gal. OH, GOOD NEWS, LINDA IS
"WITH CHILD" DUE IN MARCH! can hardly wait.
Marv and I went on a bus tour last Feb., WHAT FUN. Fourteen states
in two weeks. Visited Graceland, New Orleans, Disney World, NASA,
Indianapolis Speedway and much more. Marv wanted the bus to turn around
and do it all over again. Unfortunately, there was a lot of winter left
when we got home. Kurt and Heidi had separated, permanent and
complicated best describes the situation. He's doing fine, a new job
and possibly a new friend.
One day in June an official looking letter arrived in the mail,
Marv had been "drafted" into the BOY SCOUTS! Keith needed an assistant
Scout Master at camp. When you are drafted, you go, right? He spent
two weeks in the Missouri rough. I mean ROUGH. No electricity, no
television, no radio, no water bed, and NO BEER. He's going back next
summer. He liked it. Marv really liked it.

We had our annual party, this summer, we celebrated Floyd's
retirement. It is now official - FLOYD B. OLSON NO LONGER HAS TO COUNT
and we're very happy for you. It was fun having everyone and the
weather was good to us.

In August the "Golden Girls" arrived. In the '40's, Ellen, Hilma,
Verna, and I shared a one bedroom apartment in Detroit. At least 40
years has passed since we were all together. They drove up on a
Thursday afternoon, left early Saturday morning, we talked, laughed and
"cooorrrpooed" (toast in Finn) the whole time. (I know girls, I
mis-spelled "toast".) Come again, I loved it.

We had great fun Labor Day weekend, all of us were together, including
Keith, Sharon and Bren, Shannon & Bridget. Sharon still claims that
there are no fish in our lake, Bridget caught a couple big ones and
Shannon got interested in a different kind of "fish". Sharon's Sweet
Adolines group won third place in the WORLD COMPETITION in Utah last

Krys started working at the bakery in Crosby in July, October they moved
to Crosby where the girls go to school. The twins love it there where
all their friends are. Krys can walk to work and lives very close to a
supermarket. It is a much larger house, has a few "kinks" but Marv is
working on fixing them. The twins play basketball and are also in the
band. Doing well in all their classes too, I'm real proud of them only
wish they were not typical EIGHTH GRADERS.
Went to Chicago in October, Bud was honored by his VFW for his many
years of service. Renee received the same honor, she wasn't expecting
November, deer hunting, no luck. Uncle Harv shared his luck with Kraig
so he could quit pouting. THANKSGIVING at the Smith's. They just
finished their great Family Room. We are all going there for Christmas
I wasn't going to mention it, but, I'm not near ready for Christmas - so
I'm going to say "Good Night" - wish you the BEST EVER, the merriest
CHRISTMAS, the HAPPIEST New Year and all the love the Kaiser Klan can
send in this letter. God Bless You All

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