Tis a few nights before Christmas, and all thru the house

Everyone is moving, 'cept we killed the last mouse.
Thirteen socks are hung on the fireplace with tacks
Soon's those "hummers" are filled, I can relax.
The presents aren't wrapped; they're still in the store
Don't get excited, that's happened before.
Ma is not working, by choice I was told
But she had to retire, her company was sold.
Speaking of selling - I'll bet you're aware
Texas is warm, and we are not there.
Our problem is simple, house selling is not
All year we have prayed, but no one has bought.
Last summer Marv wanted a tractor lawn mower
Pessimism moved in, now he has a snow blower.
Good things have happened, I'm sure you'll agree
Sharon and Keith had a baby, now they have three.
Bridget's her name, Shannon's glad she's a girl
Brendan wanted a boy, but he'll give her a whirl.
Sharon has joined the work force with merit
Republic Airlines employed her, now Keith has to share it.
Our life's not exciting, that's a fact
Seem's all of our children know where it's at.
Kurt and Heidi have Brandy and go to work every day
Brandy's a dog, not a drink by the way.
Karen and Don have two dogs you see, Kati Nopocket and Bobbie McGee
Karen bought Kati for Bobbie McGee, Bobbie's a girl and so is she
(they're friends).
The four of them live in a little white house
It's too small for them, but it's big for a mouse.
Seven years old and in grade one, that describes the twins
They sure are fun.
Early in the morning Krys rides a few miles
Serves residents their breakfast and works on their smiles.
The Masonic Home is Kryston's place of employ
But Anita and Alicia are her greatest joy.
One member of our troup strolled away from this group.
California is his residence, he's a kid with a macho sense.
Kraig David is his name, cable work is his game.
Hand Surgery kept dad from working last summer
His hands are much better, but working's a "bummer".
He hates getting up and going out in the cold
In Texas it's eighty degrees, we are told.
Now as I end this rhyming letter, I realize that I had better
Wrap up the warmth of Texas sun, enclose our love from everyone.
And send it out along the way, for you to use on Christmas day.
And you'll find there's even more, for you to have in '84.

Merry Christmas !
Kookie Kaiser Klan

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