Dear Friends,
MERRY CHRISTMAS! and so glad we could get together to wish you a depressionless, recessionless NEW YEAR!
WHAT A YEAR THIS HAS BEEN. I believe for the first time the U.S. Government out-did the KAISER KLAN in the confusement - amusement and "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON" department. Good thing, that crooked, we aren't.
We did have a different year. A New Year's Eve Party with women only. Now that is different. The men were invited but they went off to a fire just before midnight - what else can you expect from a bunch of volunteer firemen? We greeted the New Year shaking hands.
Did a lot of things this year, took a trip to Detroit, really had a ball. Hilma is a great hostess and the Samples really know how to show you a good time. Our biggest event was on April 23rd. We celebrated twenty five years of "GOOD NIGHT, GOOD MORNING, DO I HAVE ANY CLEAN UNDERWEAR, AND WHY WERE YOU SO LATES?" That was a day we will never forget, thanks to many of you and to our children and most of all to our daughter-in-law, Sharon. She worked so hard and conquered many problems and came up with a flawless celebration. We also made two trips up to the folks, one for the Firemen's convention, and the other for "Forty-yuly". That trip also took in my thirty year class reunion. It was all so much fun.
We had a batch of puppies in June. "Spose I'll have to admit, it was Freska that had the puppies and there was only two, "Butch Cassidy" and "The Sundance Kid". We dug a new well at the cabin - it isn't hooked up yet but it will be. We helped my Sis and Harv move to Perham, PERRRHAM? We even went up to see them later in the fall. We had our usual Labor Day get together with the usual awful weather. I went to California, ran into cold weather there too - Had a nice warm host and hostess though and a real good time at Disneyland. - - We went to a Hockey Social, a Firemen's Ball, Marv went deer hunting twice and twice my prayers were answered - No Deer. I even have been Christmas shopping twice.
Now it is almost Christmas. Kurt will be home, maybe, for Christmas, but for sure for New Year's Eve - He'll marry Kathy shortly after that - A quiet private ceremony for now and a big celebration next summer when he is discharged from the Army.
Keith and Sharon will be going to Hong Kong in February. That lucky boy won passes at his annual North Central Christmas Party.
Karen should be graduation the end of the semester. She works part time for an Aluminum door and awning company. She is no longer engaged (as of this writing) and loving every minute of it.
Krys is working at Bridgeman's this year on the work program. Kraig is a typical eigth grader. He now plays goalie with the Jefferson Bantom team. He decided recently that girls wern't so bad so we have very little use of the phone.
My main wish now is to get all my packages wrapped, cookies baked shopping finished and if time allows, a path thru the house so any and all of you can come and visit us without fear of accident or plague.



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