KOOKIE KAISER KLAN reporting for the eighth annual year. I am happy to say we are all well and do hope we find you the same.
Our little ones are all grown up now so life is just a little more hectic a little more busy and much more fun, i think. Marv told me to say that.
Roll call: Keith & his lovely wife Sharon, Kurt and his fiancee Heide, Karen and her fiance Randy, Kryston, Kraig, Marv, Freska and Me. (I'm not even going to mention Kryston's pet rat).
Keith works at North Central Airlines and attends college. Sharon works at the new Federal Reserve Bank.
Kurt has eighteen more months in the army. He will be home for the Holidays and is then scheduled for overseas duty. Heide is a college girl and we just love her.
Karen is taking a business course in school and is on the work program. Randy, her "honey" also works for North Central Airlines.
Kryston is a freshman at Oak Grove Jr. High. Her main interests are still boys and music. In that order.
Kraig is in seventh grade. He delivers the morning paper and plays goalie for our amateur hockey Pee Wee Team.
Marv still works for the Bloomington schools and I still work at Bridgemans.
Luckiest of all is Freska, she gets to sleep all day.
I always hesitate when it comes to briefing you on the main events of the year past. I just know I'll forget something that someone thinks I should have mentioned - so those of you that I leave out in the "Main Events" will have to try harder and maybe next year you will be "Number One".
MOTHER & DAD'S GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY was August 11th - THE BIGGEST EVENT of the whole year. The weather was beautiful, the food, the friends, the gifts - everything was beautiful. Mom & Dad were so thrilled.
We must mention our spring, summer & early fall trips to our newly painted lake home with assorted guests such as, Bob & Floyd Olsons, Don & Kathy Andersons, the Marv Freunds, Steinbreckers, Mattsons, and others. I'm sure time and age has made me forget to mention someone. OUr Labor Day weekend up there was graced with the presence of our Detroit friends the Soweys, Wickmans & Mel Olsons, "twas a great summer!
The purchase of a house was eventful. Keith & Sharon did that and are in the process of making it into a beautiful home.
The annual deer hunting trip this year was a "good news, bad news" event. No one shot a deer (good news) except Kurt (bad news). He had to leave it in the woods (good News) 'cause he got lost for a day and a half (bad news). The second day, he found his way out (good news). His key broke off in the ignition (bad news). He got it started with a screwdriver (good news). The car broke down on the way home (bad news). He got it fixed (good news). Cost him a lot of money (bad news). He made it home safely (good, good news!).
A couple weeks ago, Marv & I spent a weekend in New York City. We saw a Broadway play, ate in some special places, visited the United Nations Bldg. walked thru Time Square & Grand Central Station and shopped on Park Ave. but most exciting of all was riding in a TAXI. Marv was scared to death and I'm not too sure I have recovered yet. That is some city.
Now Christmas is upon us again. I'm here, working on this foolhardy thing, after baking all day and poor ole Marv is sound asleep in front of the TV after wearing himself out hanging up a few decorations.
Sharon is here addressing cards for us and the little ones (Ahem!) are in bed. You can be sure, though, that all of us, asleep or awake, wish the best for all of you in the coming year and the merriest Christmas ever. Amen!

Luv you all,


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