Kuick Kut Kaiser Kappers for 1968

Dear Friends,

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and the best in the coming year - how did it go in '68? Our year: Well, it went like this - only a little more confusing but that you wouldn't believe.

New Year's Day arrived in the middle of a party. What fun! Our last chance to entertain in our old neighborhood. A new fire station was being built. This meant that we would be too far away, so we found another house so we could be neighbors. By the middle of January we had a buyer for our house. Marv started packing. The end of January - we are still waiting to sign final papers.

FEBRUARY arrives - no papers signed - more boxes to climb over - cold nasty weather very little snow and no desire to move. Sis, Mel and I go up north to celebrate mother's birthday. Beautiful roads going up - slid all the way back. Arrived in time to sign final papers.
MARCH first - moving day - beautiful weather - lots of work, YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE THE BOXES WE CLIMBED OVER. Monday the kids are off to new schools - all except Keith, he didn't have to transfer. Kryston has her "golden" birthday on the 9th and Kraig turns 7 on the 15th, both had to do without a party this year. WILL I EVERY GET RID OF THE BOXES?
APRIL - a Robin - he must be kidding - it is a sign of spring though. After a bit of shopping Easter arrived. I'm dreaming of getting this place redecorated - Marv is thinking of the cottage. The children are getting out more now and meeting new friends.
MAY - Spring is here - I saw a blade of green grass - and Marv has started his weekly trips to the cottage - all good signs. Fishing season opened - but the fish didn't co-operate. On the 28th of May my Dad turns 65 and retires from the Railroad - he had a three day open house for all his friends - and Memorial Day weekend the whole family is together to celebrate. We gave him money towards a pool table.
JUNE - Weekly & weakly trips up to the cottage. The kids love to fish but it is still too cold to swim. My In-Laws arrive from Florida for a month's stay. June 7th school is out. That weekend Marv and I are off for a three day Firemen's Convention in Grand Rapids and "Mom" is babysitting. Imagine three days - no dishes, no cooking, no job & no children. Ah bliss. We spent the rest of the week at the cottage and then back to the old grind. Hil & John and family arrive for a two day stay on the way back to Detroit, the month is almost over and Mom & Bob leave too. Karen has a fall with her bike and has to go into the hospital for X-rays. The X-rays reveal a birth defect. Her left kidney is draining from the near top instead of the bottom. Surgery is planned for the 9th of July. Kurt ends June with a 14th birthday. He is now about 5'7" and weighs around 150 lbs.
JULY - We spent the 4th up with the family and then hurried back so we could admit Karen. All went well and after a few rough days the recovery has remarkable. Keith has a 16th birthday on the 13th, he is as tall as Kurt but lacks the buldge. He is working at Bridgeman's and is also building his own ham radio.
AUGUST - August consists mostly of corn on the cob, fresh home grown tomatoes and cucumbers, a little heat and lots of rain and flies and 5 Ks' getting restless. Weekends at the cottage and Karen can finally go swimming again weather permitting and it won't. The cottage is mostly panelled now, we have a screened in front porch and a new back porch and a couple new windows. Next year - we will have a new floor.
SEPTEMBER - School starts - Keith is now a junior - Kurt a freshmen - Karen in 7th grade (taking up "boys"), - Kryston is in 4th grade and Kraig is tackeling 2nd grade. I'm still waiting for my transfer to the office. I need to sit down for awhile. We have weekend guests at the cottage over Labor Day and the following weekend my folks visit us there for the first time. It was a nice finish for the summer.
OCTOBER - Marv closes the cottage - the official start of winter. I have a birthday and Marv turns 41 on the 16th. He is working afternoon shift now. I'm still in the store.
NOVEMBER - My mother-in-law passes away after surgery that was complicated by the automobile accident in September on the way back to Florida. We dearly loved her and miss her so much. My Sis stayed with the kids while we were in Detroit. Poor thing, I'm not too sure she is recovered yet. My transfer to the office comes through - I now work from 8:00 to 4:30 - Is it better! Nothing started for Christmas yet.
DECEMBER - PANIC - 25 more days and Christmas - The children are so excited. Marv painted the living room and panelled the dining room - it really looks nice. The house is decorated and I still have no shopping done. Karen will have her 12th birthday on the 29th of December. All she wants for both occasions is to have her ears pierced - may I leave you with that problem - - - - - shall we let her?




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