Kapers & Karrings on of the Kaiser Klan - 1966

We find the Kaiser Klan closing 1966 in a fashion quite common for this family
"Utter Confusion"

We do accomplish things though, such as Kryston did turn seven in March and our youngest, Kraig, managed five the same month. I don't quite recall what happened between January and March. I suppose we took down the tree, undecorated the house and lapsed into three months of fighting winter!

Kryston's and Kraig's birthdays seemed to really start things going. We had Easter; exactly when, I don't recall, but I do suppose it was the same week everyone else had it. I tried to lose weight during Lent and lost six pounds, hardly enough to mention, and got it all back in May and June. Marv continued to drive the bus for the Twin Cities and I plugged off to Bridgemans twelve out of every fourteen days doing a little waitressing, a lot of supervising and more complaining than anything!

Marv made Quarter Master of the Scout troop, and from early spring through late summer they camped every few weekends. As a matter of fact, our seventeenth wedding anniversary in April was spent at the Boy Scout Spring Camporie. Now don't think that wasn't a thrill!

May brought fishing season, blooming Iris and Peonies, grass to be cut, rain, wet kids, colds, and a chance for Marv to change jobs. In June he took an aptitude test, passed it, and started for the Bloomington Schools in July. Also in June he started a screened-in porch on the back of the house. He worked on that most all summer and it certainly was nice on hot, mosquito-infested nights. Kurt turned twelve years old the 29th of June and that finished that month.

The 4th of July was spent up north at my brother Bob and wife and family. There were nine children sleeping out in a tent for that weekend. "No room at the Inn." The children loved it and so did we! The following week we spent at a cottage and Keith got to have a friend stay a couple nights while he had his fourteenth birthday. My mother-in-law and father-in-law were our house guests then too and Mr. & Mrs. John Clifford showed up the last day. What a lovely month! We had visits from people we had invited for years; Marv's brother and also our Detroit fishing buddies, the Palmers - it was great!

August came and our family reunion - fun as usual. We stayed at the host's house, brother Floyd and family. We sure had a nice time, but were off early the next day to drop Keith and Kurt for two wet weeks at Boy Scout Camp.

September, back to school. Marv as a driver-custodian and Keith, Kurt, Karen, Kryston and Kraig as "eager" students. Mother, "off to Bridgemans", only now on a five day a week basis and a raise. Kraig really likes Kindergarten! Next year he will be gone all day - then his Dad will be happy.

In October Marv and I had birthdays. I finally got a sewing machine and Marv a new jacket and a deer hunting trip. No deer though - my prayers were answered.

This fall we redecorated our living-dining area and bought paneling, new carpeting, drapes and sofa. Two weeks ago we signed the final papers on a cottage about 125 miles north of here and next summer will be spent fixing that up.

Last but not least, Karen finishes out the birthday year of the Kaiser Klan and turns ten on the 29th of December.

We have had very little snow - a little on the ground now, but enough to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the joys and blessings for a Happy New Year!

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